Asia Petroleum Limited

A state of the art energy and infrastructure company ensuring safe and secure transportation of Residual Fuel Oil from Port Qasim to Hub through its oil terminal and pipeline system

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Board of Directors

  • Mr. Peter Leathard
  • Mir S.K Talpur
  • Mr. Malcolm Chang Yee Meng
  • Mr. Emad Y.A.M Alghanim
  • Mr. Scott Peter Leathard
  • Mr. Munaf A.M. Abbas
  • Mr. Aziz A. Hemani
  • Mr. Brian Chang
  • Mr. Syed Nadir Shah
  • Mr. Hammad Zafar
  • Mr. Asad Raza Faiz
  • Chairman
  • Director CEO/ MD
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Progressiveness, perseverance, performance excellence, customer satisfaction


Team spirit, trust & support, open communication, inclusive work environment


Creativity, flair, innovation, diversity


Honesty, transparency, accountability, business ethics

Corporate Responsibility

Sustainable development, HSE, equal opportunity,
respect for people

Health, Safety and Environment

APL is committed to carry out its operations as per the best international HSE practices and has developed HSE management systems (HSE System), which are an integral part of APL’s daily operations and are religiously followed.

APL’s HSE System provides the framework for safe operations and reduces the adverse impact on stakeholders’ health and environment. The System establishes an organized and consistent approach to HSE processes and performance and it is a tool that assists APL to assure regulatory compliance, conformance with the corporate HSEQ Policy and continual improvement of environmental and safety performance.

The HSE Management System follows the general model of the ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Standards, all these are integrated together to achieve health, safety and environment goals.

Quality Policy