Mir Shahzad Khan Talpur

Mir Shahzad Khan Talpur – Director

Mir Shahzad Khan Talpur, an accomplished professional with extensive experience in the energy sector and legal field, currently holds the position of General Manager (QA and HSE) at Pakistan State Oil Company Ltd. Previously, he served as the MD & CEO of Asia Petroleum Limited from 2018 to 2021, overseeing safe fuel transportation, strategic initiatives while accelerating the recovery from circular debt.
With expertise in supply chain management, commercial business, legal affairs, new business development, and corporate planning, he has been instrumental in PSO’s growth and market dominance. In addition to his role as General Manager(s), he has also contributed as a Company Secretary, further showcasing his multifaceted skills and contributions to fortified PSO’s stature in the competitive energy landscape.
Talpur is actively engaged in various leadership committees within PSO and demonstrates a strong commitment to community service through multiple trusts, where he spearheads a wide range of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.
With a law degree and extensive leadership training, Talpur exemplifies excellence and innovation in the energy sector and beyond.